Every Time, Every Place Is Exactly The Right One

“And who knows, perhaps it was just for such a time as this that you became Queen”

Umi Yodeah, Im L’Eyt HaZot HiGa’at LaMalchut

Megillat Esther  4:12

As Purim rapidly approaches this year and there is more apparent chaos in the world right now than we have ever experienced, it’s natural to feel overwhelmed by it all. Two years of Covid, a voluntary (and thus insane) shut down of most western energy resources and the ensuing worldwide economic crises, runaway global inflation, the Russian invasion of Ukraine on top of all the other less publicized wars currently raging, uncontrolled terror throughout the globe (including unending terror against Israel as well as hate and violence against Jews everywhere)…. I’m sure I’m not the only one who longs to pinch myself and wake up from a the nightmare, but then shocked and depressed to learn that it’s all real and not a bad dream at all. Cries to The Creator seem to be answered with eternal silence.

“What am I doing here? How can I escape?” are far from unique questions. “Why is this happening to us?” is, if anything, an even more universal cry. Are all our desparate questions going to remain unanswered? Will fear be our constant condition?

“What can I do?” 

*      *     *      *      *     *      *     *      *       *

Now, we might finally have something to work with.

No, I can’t hand you a blueprint. Neither can any religious leader….. nor a political leader. Not a scientist, a celebrity an “influencer” nor a “prophet”.

But there are answers. But you have to search within your heart for your own.

The thing is, there are no universal answers. Not even any general ones that aren’t so vague as to be useless.

Because each of us has a unique answer, a unique mission, a unique job to do in this world. We all have a part to play, but my part is not yours, your role not mine. No rabbi or priest or monk or shaman or teacher or visionary can tell you, because, just like you, just like me, they have to discover what they’re being called to do. There is no “one-size-fits-all”, no Giant Bargain Family Size. Just small individual servings.

And finding your answer, and even performing your task, completing your job, doesn’t release you. Once you finish one job you’re immediately presented with the next! As is everyone else. And then another one and another one and…….

But this isn’t slavery, this is opportunity. Opportunity to participate in your ultimate purpose, our shared destiny, our shared privilege. Man, immediately upon creation was honored by The Creator with the invitation to partner with Him in completing Creation by bringing perfection. We’re presented with an imperfect world in order for each of us to find our unique way to bring our detail to its closest perfection. Tikkun Olam, not a secular political agenda or cliché, are our individual corrections and refinements, each imperfection and path to repair visible only to our unique selves.

God participates and helps us each step of the way, most significantly by placing us moment-to-moment, exactly where we need to be to see what we need to do. As the Chenobler taught in Meor Eynayim, every place you find yourself in, it is because in the specific place and at that specific time you find yourself there, there are Netzutzei Kodesh, Holy Sparks, assigned only to your specific Neshama, soul, that you must find and raise to their highest, proper place. Only you have the unique powers to perform this, and, for the world to reach it’s highest potential, every job needs to be done. You, me, each of us, everyone is 100% essential to the world.

It’s ultimately a matter of attitude, how we choose to look at it. “Oh woe, why me?” or “Thank You for choosing me, for seeing my strengths and unique vision and abilities, for your confidence, faith and encouragement that, yes, I can do this.”

Asher Kidshanu B’Mitzvotav V’Tzivanu, Who planted and recognizes the holiness within me to perform this unique, vital, important job. 

No one of us is useless, with no purpose. We all have the potential to succeed, to earn respect, admiration, self-respect and love. From ourselves, from our fellows, from The Creator. We’re each of us invited, each of us needed. Each of us, just like Queen Esther, is true royalty.

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2 Responses to Every Time, Every Place Is Exactly The Right One

  1. Marc Render says:

    purim sameach!

  2. Jacques Ruda says:

    Chag Someach

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