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Getting Real: Yirat Shamayim as Fear of God

As anyone who’s read very many of these article knows, I strongly advocate developing evolved, both time-and-place-appropriate practices in our faith. While I don’t know what these emerging changes will look like, I do know what they shouldn’t look like. … Continue reading

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Early Impressions of Israel, This Time Around (October 2014)

Two disclaimers. First, I cannot avoid experiencing Israel against the background of seven years of memories living here a quarter century ago. Secondly, it’s late at night and I risk exhaustion, and perhaps coherence, in order to not lose these thoughts before … Continue reading

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Buyer’s Regret

We’ve just completed Rosh HaShana. If we were lucky, it was filled with the introspection, intentions and determination that we generally call תשובה (tshuva), turning/returning/ “repentance” (the actual physical and other repairs to the damage we’ve caused was focused on … Continue reading

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Assimilation goes much deeper than intermarriage, dropping out of synagogue or eating at McDonalds. It has much more to do with integrating and adopting “foreign” values which, though they be popular in, sometimes even predominate, the surrounding society, are actually … Continue reading

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