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Deepest Perception Only Available in One Place

It goes without saying, M’lo Kol Ha’Aretz Kvodo, that The Creator fills the entire universe with His Presence. However, our ability as humans to experience that phenomenon is not uniformly distributed. As Jews, our ability will run much better in … Continue reading

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One Plus One Equals One: The Same But Different, Comprising All

Increasingly, over the last twenty-five years (yes, Oslo), the Jewish Communities in Israel and those in the United States seem to have less and less in common. Burning questions in Israel concern the necessary and in-progress transformation of Halacha, and … Continue reading

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Short Thoughts As The Chaggim End For This Year

1) Avot 2:4 tells us to make God’s Will into our will, in other words,to subjugate our person agenda to God’s so that he will come to make our will His Will. Politics, entertainment, sports and celebrities are now on … Continue reading

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How Does a Sukkah Bring Happiness?

The primary Mitzvah¬† of Sukkot is, simply, to live inside a Sukkah for a week to eat all our meals there, to even sleep there, weather permitting, to entertain guest there and, of course, to study Torah and also, perhaps, … Continue reading

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Be Happy….Or Else!

Z’man Simchateynu is upon us. Yes, it’s almost Sukkot, The Time of our Joy, and we are commanded, V’Semachta b’Chagecha V’Hayita Af Sameach! Rejoice in your festival and be especially happy. I don’t know about you, but when “commanded” to … Continue reading

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A Short Note To Subcribers

First, thank you for reading my thoughts for yet another year. I hope you’ll continue and that your responses will continue to inspire me. I often find myself at the very edge of Shabbat and Holiday deadlines, and my proof-reading … Continue reading

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Getting Ready For Yom Kippur

In many ways, Yom Kippur is the easiest of all the Jewish. No special meal to prepare, nothing to build, no difficult Megilah¬† to chant. Of course, in past years I would spend more than a month relearning and, hopefully, … Continue reading

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