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Which Torah Will I Receive?

A very close friend lives north of Jerusalem in the mountains of the¬†Galil. Like me, but for his own reasons and as product of his own experiences, he also rarely goes to shul nowadays. Rather, he usually takes a long … Continue reading

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Introducing Free Jazz To Judaism

[Note–I usually would proof read and revise this essay for several more iterations, but it’s taken me so long to write this, to capture the urgency and desire which might help us overcome the anxiety which, for literally millennia, have … Continue reading

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Prayer as Radical Acceptance

We Jews love to pray. It’s our most widespread religious practice which, in one form or another, transcends our denominational divides.¬† We pray formally at least three times each day, but almost constantly we keep up our dialogue with The … Continue reading

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A Symphony Of Voices

Anyone who knows me at all knows that much of my life has always revolved around music. I’ve played instruments since the age of five or six and am rarely more than a few feet from a guitar. Therefore it … Continue reading

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“Vayigash Alov Yehuda“, And Yehuda came very close, almost touching, him (Yosef). How appropriate that we read this parsha this particular Shabbat, as we, Bnei Yisrael, the Jewish People, seem to be in the vortex of changing our relationship to … Continue reading

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Distilled With A Feather, Applied With A Sledge Hammer

To remark that this is merely “curious” or “ironic” blinds us to the perhaps most corrosive internal struggle Judaism faces today. There is no more subtle and beautiful technique within the Torah tradition than discovering and generating Halacha as it … Continue reading

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Halacha, Like Every Created Thing, Is, Necessarily, Imperfect (Corrected 21/7/17)

It seems so obvious to me that it should go without saying, but experience both historical and contemporary requires me to emphasize and re-emphasize this. Exploiting Halacha and the halachic process in order to manipulate power, political, social, economic or … Continue reading

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