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On Ambiguity: Purim

Too many people fear ambiguity. One reason why Megillat Esther, the Purim story, has remained so popular down the ages is because such clear lines are drawn. We know who are the good guys and who the bad–Esther and Mordechai, obviously, are the heroes, … Continue reading

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The Day After

Haman’s plot failed. He, and all of his sons were hung on the gallows he had erected to kill Mordechai. Mordechai, only yesterday condemned to death, is today, like Joseph was long ago in Egypt, “second to the King”. Esther … Continue reading

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I Need A Favor

I’d like to ask some of my colleagues a favor. I teach Torah for a living, often to people who don’t have a lot of background. Many of them are wary of Halacha in the first place and inexperienced in the … Continue reading

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Unity = Survival

One of the miracles of the Jewish People is that, at least as a core group, we’ve remained united as one. Taking into consideration our vast differences in thought and customs, the miracle is that much greater. Our contemporary State of … Continue reading

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