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Further Thoughts…..

I wanted to let my previous article percolate over Shabbat, settle in the heart. At first glance, pre-Shabbat is a strange time to send out that message since the Shabbat Amida doesn’t contain the שמע קולנו (hear our voices) prayer … Continue reading

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A short, but important goal for Tefilla

I try to spend at least as much time and focus every day on מודים אנחנו לך (We Thank You–i.e. acknowledgement and gratitude for the many blessings we daily enjoy) as I do on שמע קולנו (Hear our voices–i.e. our … Continue reading

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Destination Unknown–Lech Lecha

Over the years, I’ve read many explanations and interpretations of the three types of leaving,  מארצך “from your land”, ממולדתך “from your birthplace” and ומבית אביך “from your father’s house”.  While I’m sure that others have as well, Rabbi Twerski … Continue reading

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Simchat Torah/Breishit 5771

A thought came to me about the transition of Moshe reviewing his life’s work, the new Nation of Israel, a work in progress (as it remains to this day), followed by the Creation itself.  “Sof Ma’aseh b’Machshava Techila”–Creation is aimed … Continue reading

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