Rabbinic Counseling

                  Rabbi Zeitlin is not accepting any clients for counseling at this time.           I apologize for the inconvenience.

My focus in counseling is as a traditional, orthodox-yet-open, rabbi.  I’m eager to help you utilize your Jewish “technology”, in other words our system of Torah, Mitzvot and Tefila, for engaging with the world in its many levels and dimensions.  When a Jew is healthily integrated, through these traditional means, with The Infinite, he is a much connected to himself and to others, is much better able to identify and address his challenges and will generally live a much fuller and more satisfying life.

I will work with you, helping you discover your unique pathways.

Counseling through the Wisdom of the Kabbalah

You are powerfully and fully connected to the universe. A feeling of balance, of being in tune with yourself and the world, and of flowing through the strengths in your life is what that connection to the universe is all about. Kabbalah guides and supports us to live our lives in connection with the universe.

The root of so many of our personal problems, and we all live filled with challenges, lie in our relationship to the world in all its holiness and complexity. Our interpersonal relationships both reflect and model our spiritual life just as our spiritual life reveals and guides our daily existence.

The Kabbalah is the mystical Jewish tradition. Kabbalah means, literally, the “receiving”. Complex and all-encompassing, it also embodies the down-to-earth practicality of Judaism. It describes the forces of the universe, the Greater World, as well as within each of us, also a World. It helps us understand the interplay of forces within and without us and also provides techniques to refine and repair them.

Unfortunately, Kabbalah has been overpopularized and trivialized. What is a powerful tool for transformation is, all too often, reduced to gimmicks and fashion statements. Fortunately, for the honest student and seeker, there is a millennia-old living tradition of texts and teachers.

I am an orthodox rabbi, but probably not what you think that means. I wear regular clothes, am a professional artist (visit www.harryzeitlin.com) and musician (www.myspace.com/harryzeitlin), go to baseball games and watch all sorts of inappopriate tv with my kids. I’m also a renewal rabbi–all of us are multi-dimensional. Being an orthodox rabbi does means that I have spent many years developing the traditional background to even approach Kabbalah and then studying the real thing, medieval books and all. Both as a renewal and an orthodox rabbi, my methods and approaches are informed by the full spectrum of the Jewish tradition and, as a spiritual teacher, I am open to and have learned from many world traditions. Working from the principle that most spiritual traditions lead to a greater sense of openness, compassion, love, understanding, integration and wellness, I have adapted techniques to help you feel more connected, more whole.

My counseling includes careful listening, making a spiritual model of your problems, discussing resolutions and crafting guided meditations to help you reconnect to the transcendent force, both within you and surrounding us all which is the source of all life. I’m available both for in-person counseling if you are in Seattle as well as for telephone counseling wherever you may be.

Your first session is free and if you want to continue, I charge on a sliding scale. Give it a try!

To make an appointment and learn more, you can e-mail me at: hlzeitlin@aya.yale.edu or phone me at (206) 524-9740. I look forward to working with you to maximize your potential.

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