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Blaming it on God–More Tisha B’Av Thoughts

When I first began maintaining the Tisha B’Av‘s restrictions, including the fast, for only a half-day, I caught a lot of flak.  When I “outed” myself as only keeping the half-day, the flak greatly increased (“How can you, a rabbi, lead … Continue reading

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An Exercise For Tisha B’Av

A microcosm of the greater world, the Jewish people are polarized, shattered, filled with acrimony and anger.  Israel literally surrounded by enemies who seek its annihilation, we stubbornly insist on retaining our championship as our own worst enemies, while the … Continue reading

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Body-Building or Healthy Exercise

I’ve never understood the body-building culture, unbalanced over-exercising only certain muscles (and often abusing steroids and other dangerous drugs) in order to achieve a look that most people would describe as freakish and muscle-bound.  It’s not just an aesthetic or … Continue reading

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