About Rabbi Zeitlin

Harry Zeitlin is an highly unorthodox orthodox rabbi/teacher as well as a much-collected artist, musician and counselor.  He specializes in teaching Torah rather than filling a pulpit.

Born in Denver and raised in a contemporary orthodox setting, he began talmud studies at twelve with his grandfather and with Rabbi Israel Rosenfeld, a prominent and well-loved talmud teacher.  He grew up living down the street from Rabbi B.C.S. Twerski zt”l, the famous chassidic teacher, and has been inspired by his teaching throughout his life.  He continued studies with Rabbis Avraham zt”l and Daniel Lapin in Los Angeles, Rabbi Nissan Applebaum, now of Toronto, and Rabbi Chaim Zimmerman zt”l in Jerusalem and Rabbi Avrohom David in Seattle.  He has also studied with Rabbi Zalman Schachter-Shalomi. Rabbi Zeitlin ignores denominational labels and is equally at home in orthodox, renewal, conservative, reform and secular settings.  His major foci are the unity of the Jewish people and the uniqueness of each individual.

Torah study with Rabbi Zeitlin is freeform, flexible and responsive. Classes, both private and group, combine traditional sources from the Tanach, the Talmud, Kaballah and Chassidic classics, Halacha, contemporary Jewish thought as well as current life and events. He combines traditional orthodox background and observance with the open-minded approach of an artist. Limiting the scope of Torah is considered trying to limit The Creator to our individual imaginations and/or fears. Torah is a component of all experience. It’s been said, however, that a taste for avant-garde jazz and stand-up comedy are helpful and an open mind (The Kotzker Rebbe, z”l, said that God is found wherever we let him in) is required to enjoy Rabbi Zeitlin’s classes. Classes are taught both in Seattle and over the internet. If you’re interested in studying with him, please contact him at hlzeitlin@aya.yale.edu

1 Response to About Rabbi Zeitlin

  1. Nice bio, Harry! I like it. I call myself “pre-denominational.” 🙂

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