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The Irrational Optimism of a Positive-Sum Game View of Life

I often describe Judaism as the “art of irrational optimism”.  By that I’m affirming belief in a Creator who is well-intentioned, who stacks the deck for our ultimate success.  This underlying structural directionality towards the eventual resolution of our world … Continue reading

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Transition: From Pesach to Shavuot

As we progress from the plateau of Pesach, becoming free from the oppression of Mitzraim and all that implies, and approach the culmination of our journey with Shavuot, merging with the highest state of awareness which we call Torah, we find ourselves in an … Continue reading

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A Social Comment

Racism is never acceptable.  Just as we, in America, evolved beyond a way of life where it seemed ok to say that black people were not allowed to live in certain neighborhoods of our cities, the world must evolve to … Continue reading

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