Crimes Against Humanity

In the midst of horrific heatwaves throughout much of the world, one should plant trees, as many and as fast as possible. You don’t intentionally torch forest and field.

When you so love a land, a land you’ve been exiled from for two millennia, especially a land that’s been deliberately deforested, a land turned from lush garden to desert and swamps, you plant trees, you don’t wantonly destroy them. If you honestly desire that land for a home for your children and grandchildren and great grandchildren, you build up that land, you don’t trash it, foul its water table or fill it’s air with the stink of ashes.

The latest arson-terror attacks we’ve endured in Israel in recent days (in recent weeks, in recent months, in recent years–they don’t seem to end) are not blows against a made-up “colonial occupier” or other such bullshit jargon.

They are nothing less than Crimes Against Humanity, crimes against every man, woman and child living on Planet Earth.

Would’t it be wonderful, wouldn’t it signal a universal change of Humanity United for Life, if the world doesn’t, once again, give terrorists a free pass since they only targeted Jews?

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2 Responses to Crimes Against Humanity

  1. jacques ruda says:

    Last weeks parsha states that when Israel goes to war it and besieges an enemy it should not cut down fruit bearing trees. This mitzvah has been expanded by the rabbis to mean we should not waste that which we have been given. Arson is inexcusable.

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