Is The World Perfectible?

We don’t consider the material world to be perfectible because we aim higher. Bringing the “world”, primarily this word refers to each individual Jew (Olam Katan, a small universe) maximally refining himself, primarily through Torah and Mitzvot (which, admittedly, are not in themselves simple-to-define nor straightforward concepts), but it also includes creating a just society based on kindness (Chesed), fairness (Gevurah) and responsibility (Tiferet), to it’s highest state, often referred to (even when this term is not quite understood in its full implications) as Tikkun Olam, is not our final goal.

Rather, our goal is to create the conditions, following the “blueprint” (i.e. Torah) we’ve been given, that enable a discontinuous higher level of existence and consciousness, Olam HaAtid, The Future World, to emerge. Spending energy trying to “fix” elements of this world that either aren’t broken or whose “repair” isn’t necessary to our real goal, is, at best, a waste and a distraction/detour from our real goal.

Olam Hazeh, This World, is expected to be flawed and contains within its embedded structure, once again Torah, responses and reliefs (Karbanot, sacrifices, for example) to rebalance itself. We don’t know the “critical mass” of Tikkun required to launch the “quantum jump” to the higher reality, but we do know which actions of ours (i.e. Mitzvot) will help us achieve it.

The unperfectibility of this world, then, isn’t a cause for despair. Rather it’s a signal to rejoice that the true universe, Olam Gadol, is boundless beyond our imaginations.

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5 Responses to Is The World Perfectible?

  1. Mr. Cohen says:

    Is the world perfectible?
    No, because our emotions and desires are much more powerful than our logic.
    For example:

    There are numerous pro-Israel Jews who clearly understand that The New York Times is relentlessly biased against Israel and incessantly does everything it can to harm Israel and to help the enemies of Israel. Yet those same pro-Israel Jews continue to purchase and read The New York Times every day, as if their lives depended on it.

    These Jews will complain often about the anti-Israel bias of The New York Times, yet they would never, never, NEVER stop buying it! If you told them to stop buying The New York Times, they would look at you as if you had recently escaped from a hospital for the criminally insane.

    Welcome to the world of The New York Times,
    where only Palestinian victims have names,
    ages, and sympathetic eyewitnesses:
    Rabbi Steven Pruzansky said:

    “In the genocidal war being waged against the Jewish people, the New York Times is an accomplice.”



    People who purchase the New York Times are also accomplices, because their purchases support the New York Times financially, so the NYT can continue its relentless anti-Jewish propaganda.

    It is my sincere personal belief that people who purchase the New York Times will be PUNISHED for it on Yom HaDin, the Great Day of Judgment. This will include thousands of Jews who claim to be Orthodox, who continue the purchase the New York Times even though they should know better.

    I sincerely urge all people who still purchase the New York Times to repent before it is too late.

  2. Mr. Cohen says:

    “The very existence of people living free and happy, free from Islamic dominion, is blasphemy [against Islam]; Blasphemy that must be remedied by bringing them into Islam, or under the rule of Islamic law.”

    What Drives Islam to be the Religion of War by Daniel Greenfield, 2010 April 14

  3. Mr. Cohen says:

    According to a report by the Open Doors organization, the top-ten-worst countries for anti-Christian persecution in year 2015 were: North Korea, Iraq, Eritrea, Afghanistan, Syria, Pakistan, Somalia, Sudan, Iran and Libya.

    All these nations are ruled by Communists or Muslims or both.

    Notice that none of those nations are being targeted by the BDS movement.

    SOURCE: 2015 Was Not a Good Year For Jews and Christians Living in Muslim Lands, an article by Martin Barillas 2016 January 18, published by Spero News

  4. Mr. Cohen says:

    Three Surprising Critics of the
    Anti-Israel BDS Movement

    [1] Peace Now, one of the Left’s most well-known organizations that never misses an opportunity to harshly criticize the Israeli government, has stated that BDS is tantamount to collective punishment.

    [2] Professor Norman Finkelstein, another much-admired voice of the Left, who has made many vicious statements against Israel, has disavowed the BDS campaign and called it: “silliness, childishness, and a lot of leftist posturing.”

    [3] Mahmoud Abbas, President of the Palestinian Authority, has denounced the BDS movement. (Will wonders never cease?)

    He said: “No, we do not support the boycott of Israel. We do not ask anyone to boycott Israel itself. We have relations with Israel. We have mutual relations with Israel.”

    SOURCE: Unmasking the BDS Movement, by Dave Gordon, found in Community Magazine, April 2016, page 28

  5. Mr. Cohen says:

    According to Pew Research:

    42% of French Muslims between from age 18 to 29 believe that suicide bombings against civilians can be justified.

    35% of British Muslims between from age 18 to 29 believe that suicide bombings against civilians can be justified.

    26% of American Muslims between from age 18 to 29 believe that suicide bombings against civilians can be justified.

    SOURCE: By the Numbers, a video by Raheel Raza

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