Cultural triumphalism is one of the big taboos of modern liberal thought. The very idea of chosenness, as in our being “The Chosen People” has become anathema to many well-meaning but not so well-informed of our people. This is so tragically sad.

We don’t claim moral superiority or any kind of overriding virtue with our designation as עם סגולה (Am Segula). The one privilege which accompanies our particular form of ‘chosenness’ is the Torah, specifically our relationship to Mitzvot and the indescribable joy possible with each one we perform.

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5 Responses to Chosenness

  1. Jacques Ruda says:

    Our designation also gives us a responsibility to be “a light unto the nations.” We need to lead by example. The Torah gives us the guide on how to act. There actually is a right and a wrong. The cultural relativisim that seems to be prevalent in schools, weakens the social fabric that holds society together.

    • 100% But there are times we get so caught up with that heavy responsibility that we overlook the privilege of being connected via Torah to the Creator.
      Especially in times like these (which I imagine were much like the final days of the Roman Empire, l’havidil, although we Jews had much less a stake in that “civilization”), our need to stand as עדים that there is a God and there are values and ethics that are more than “if it feels good, do it” is critical.
      Again, thanks for joining the conversation.
      Shabbat Shalom

  2. Nathan Lopes Cardozo says:

    How are you doing? love, Nathan

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