A Great Teaching From My Rebbe

I often mention Rabbi Shloime Twerski zt”l in my writing and in my teaching. Unfortunately, there is very little Torah that he wrote down in his lifetime that survives.

This is an article I first saw in the Intermountain Jewish News, Denver’s more than 100-year-old Jewish weekly. I’m not exactly sure when it appeared, but I was thrilled to find it on the internet and I’m even more thrilled that I can share it with you.

I’ll let the Rabbi zt”l speak for himself.

Chag Sameach.

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4 Responses to A Great Teaching From My Rebbe

  1. Rebecca Gmail says:


    Thanks for this and for including the link, which, I enjoyed very much. I forward it all on to Morris, as I thought he’d like it. Right now, Morris is studying Buddhism. I am studying how light allows us to see in my studio.

    Hag Sameach



    • I’m studying how light allows us to see into the world! Which, I think, is a brief description of what Judaism is about just slightly beneath the surface.
      Buddhism has many truths and often attracts Jews who are fed-up with the superficial level of Judaism which, all too often, is all that seems available…. Give my best to Morris. I’d love to see him.
      Moadim l’Simcha to you, Gary and expanding family

  2. Jacques Ruda says:

    I have many fond memories of Rabbi Twerski, z’l. I vividly remember him dancing on the tables at Zera Abraham on Simchas Torah. He asked to be included in our wedding. His advice regarding commitment has always stayed with me. I think ours was the last wedding he participated in prior to his untimely passing on Simchas Torah, 1981. I must admit every time he looked at me I felt he could see right through me.Chag Someach!

    • Not only could he see straight into our souls, but he was also able to give us just the nudge/course-correction we needed.
      He gave life and reality to the concept of Tzadik!
      If you were in Seattle you could join in Simchat Torah afternoon. I’ll be teaching his commentary on Parshat Bereishit from his sefer, Malchut Shlomo.
      Moadim l’Simcha!

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