Is This Tisha B’Av Different From All Other Tisha B’Avs?

There seems a special urgency this year, recalling the urgency our parents/grandparents must have felt during the Holocaust. Although there have been more evil regimes in the world than I’d care to count, this time, blood-thirsty fanatics are on the verge of being handed a capability to threaten all mankind. As is almost always the case, Israel is the front-line, but the danger extends to rival Moslem nations in the mideast, to Europe and, yes, to the US (The Big Satan) as well.

When Nebuchadnezzer and his hordes sacked Jerusalem, slaughtered our people, exiled our survivors, and destroyed Bayit Rishon, people cried out wanting to know where was God….

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4 Responses to Is This Tisha B’Av Different From All Other Tisha B’Avs?

  1. David Adatto says:

    Good one. Will put it into the file box for special occasions.

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  2. Nathan Lopes Cardozo says:

    There is a kina sung by the sefardim on Tisha Beav which is called Ma Nishtana Halaila Hazeh Mikol Halelot.


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