An Important Article By Rabbi Marc Angel

In times of crisis, tempers flare and self-righteousness can get out of control.
Rabbi Angel reminds us of the possibility of disagreeing, being diametrically opposed, but not descending to character assassination which so frequently seems to have substituted for debate.

There’s nothing I can add but to say that I agree with him completely and want to share it, verbatim, with all of you.

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2 Responses to An Important Article By Rabbi Marc Angel

  1. Colyn P.Spurrell says:

    Dear Rabbi Z,

    I truly enjoy and approve of your comments and observations. Always well done and revealing of deep comprehension of the revealed teachings.

    Unfortunately I could not access the web link you just gave. Possibly a typo in it. Please, when you can, recheck the address you typed in.

    Thank You!

    Shalom, Colyn

    • It works for me. If you or someone else has a problem, contact me directly at hlzeitlin @ and I’ll forward the article to you.
      Thanks for reading this blog!

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