Bechira, Hashgacha Pratit, another thought.

Each moment is perfect, exactly what it needs to be.

Each moment lasts only a הרף עין, haraf ayin, the wink of an eye, as it leads, inevitably, to the next perfect moment, exactly what it needs to be.

The perfection of each moment is defined as placing each of us in exactly the optimal position to make and enact a good decision.

That choice, good or bad, is what leads us (combining, of course, with more forces than we can ever comprehend or perceive) to the awaiting opportunity.

This can relieve us of the agonizing, and probably unproductive, task of evaluating each moment: is this a good one?  a bad one?  In a sense, they’re all equivalent since our challenge always remains the same, to make and enact that good choice.

(בחירה, bechira, is our free will.  השגחה פרתית, hashgacha pratit, is God’s direct involvement/supervision of every moment of each of our lives.)

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