Elementary Particles

I believe that our reality is constructed in a way that, among other things, teaches us spiritual lessons.

Consider that all known matter in the universe is made up of three elementary particles, protons, neutrons and electrons.  And that each of these is made up of even smaller, sub-atomic particles which, in all probability, are made up of even smaller units of matter/energy.

Think about the Hebrew alphabet, the Aleph-Bet, into which we’re taught God compressed His essential energy/being, and then combined these letters (אתיות, Otiot, which also means “signs”) into the Torah with which He created all reality.  Each letter can be drawn, in the tradition of our Sofrim, holy scribes, with a combination of vavs, ו.  And the vav, itself, is an elongated yud, י, which, itself, tends to a single point.

These letters combine into שרשים, shoreshim, three- (and even more basically two-) letter roots, combining their energy to point-to/create something.  In Hebrew, words that share letters, i.e. share underlying spiritual energy, are related to each other in meaning, just as molecules that share certain basic elemental structure share properties (contemplate the periodic chart of elements and you might become, like I am, overwhelmed by the beauty of the simplicity/complexity of our natural world).

We’re taught that God pours his שפע, Shefa, divine elemental energy, into the universe at each and every moment; that all living things also receive a special subset of this energy called חיות, Chiyut, life energy, every moment.  And all of it in the exact amount necessary to preserve life and existence, neither too little so that it will wither, neither too much so it will be overwhelmed.

And think again about the molecules and atoms and sub-atomic particles and energy.

We take it as axiomatic that we can never describe God, but many of us retain the conceit that, somehow, we’ll eventually be able to fully comprehend the physical universe.

I don’t think so.

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