A number of readers who have enjoyed the articles recently appearing on this blog have said to me, “It’s all well and good to try to make all moments, not just those engaged in ritual, holy.  But how, Rabbi, do I accomplish that?”

My lack of detailed instructions is neither an oversight nor a cop-out.  The fact is that there is no universal, “one size fits all” path.  Each of us has to discover their own, and that in itself is an ongoing life-process.

There really are a small number of true Tzaddikim out there who have developed the access to more deeply seeing into our souls, and if you’re lucky, truly blessed, to find a genuine one, you may be able to reach insights to this at a very deep level.  But as for me, I don’t know each of you well enough to even offer specific suggestions (I’m only slowly discovering myself).  I’m always open to private discussion, and perhaps I can offer some more general suggestions and guidance the better I get to know you, but if I try to make pronouncements right off the bat, I’m almost guaranteed to be wrong.

I support and applaud all of our efforts at self-discovery and self-refinement.  It’s not easy, it will always be a work-in-progress and we’ll all stumble and mistakes along the way.  The important thing, as I can see it, is to remember that The Creator, with all His heart, desires nothing more than each of our successes.  Part of that success, however, requires each of us to work it out, of course with guidance, for ourselves.

We’re all more capable than we might fear, less accomplished than we might think.  Let’s enjoy the journey together.

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