Shema, Music and Redemption

The simple pattern underlying most music in the world, tonic-deviation-tonic, reflects the message of the Shema.  שמע ישראל יקוק אלקינו יקוק אחד. Shema Yisrael Adonay Eloheinu Adony Echad, Listen, Israel, the in-dwelling, animating experience of God, the surrounding, transcendent, defining nature of God, the in-dwelling, animating, unique-to-each-individual experience of God, it’s all One.  From a single, pure sound, the symphony generates ever more complexity and beauty and diversity, but it returns to that first, primal sound which was the source of the entire composition.

Perhaps, with daily practice of the Shema, and with open, always-curious ears, our hearts, minds and souls will eventually develop to their fullest potential, fullest awareness, fullest compassion.

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