Another Short Chanukah Lesson

On Chanukah we begin by lighting one candle, the next night, two, the following night, three, until all eight are shining.

Although there are opinions that the real mitzva each day is just the new candle, an important reason we’re taught to continue adding light each day is to teach us to not become complacent.  What you did yesterday is fine, but if you merely repeat it today you’re no longer growing and will eventually start to shrink.  Rather, at this time of year we kickstart ourselves with the knowledge that we have to always move forward and upward, to add today to what we already achieved yesterday.

With love and blessings on this new month where kedusha, holiness, is added to kedusha.

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1 Response to Another Short Chanukah Lesson

  1. Short, to the point, and even fresh. todah rabah. May the light of love shine brightly in your heart and life. mz

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