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The Greater the Kedusha the Greater the Tumah

Everything that happens to us, individually and collectively, happens for a reason. Rather, an entire array of reasons, each contributing a shade here, a subtlety there. The challenge for us is that they don’t arrive with labels to identify these … Continue reading

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Unlimited Growth

I hate playing “My religion is better than your religion”, but I find it tragically depressing when compassion, an admirable quality indeed, is presented by much of the liberal denominations as Judaism’s ultimate goal. I find it equally distressing when … Continue reading

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Are We Just Spinning Our Wheels?

Albert Einstein was a brilliant theoretical physicist and mathematician, but that doesn’t deify┬áhis every pronouncement. His too-often repeated statement that “insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result” is refuted by the common wisdom, … Continue reading

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